Making it low-risk for you to start, and easy for you to stop

Our service packages we are designed to run for the 12 months of your financial year

We set them up in this way so that we can include all of the different services you’ll need over the course of that year…

  • Monthly work – e.g. bookkeeping, payroll and reports
  • Quarterly work – e.g. VAT returns and quarterly meetings
  • Annual work – e.g. Annual accounts, Corporation Tax returns

We wrap up all of those services into a single monthly fee.

Like paying for your phone contract, where you might get a handset, insurance, and your monthly usage bundled together for a single monthly price.

But it’s cool if you decide it’s not for you part-way through

Unlike your phone contract, there’s no tie in.

You can leave any time with no penalty.

We’ll no doubt be sad to see you go, and we’ll want to understand the reason so that we can improve the way we work with our other clients.

If there was such a thing as a good time to leave, it would be better at the end of a financial year, the end of the tax year (March) – or if both of those are simply too far away – the end of a VAT quarter.